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  • Revtek 2022 Rates and Discount
    2022 Labor Rate Ranges from: $135 - $185/hour (discount, standard, consulting) Discount labor rate: $135/hour applies to Revtek Speed Tuning order parts through our preferred vendor (standard warranty for most products are covered - ask for details) Standard labor rate: $165/hour applies to any part that has not been purchased through Revtek Speed Tuning. Customers have supplied their own parts. See Related FAQ: Storage Fee for customer's supplying parts - pending order; See Disclaimer below Consulting labor rate: $185/hour applies to diagnostic testing only for customers desiring to fix bikes themselves, but would like expert advice & guidance to identify areas of concern. Custom packages are available based on the type of work required. Call us for details. See Related FAQ: Storage Fee for customer's supplying parts - pending order; See disclaimer below. Disclaimer to customer supplying parts or fix on own: Revtek Speed Tuning will not be responsible for any part failure during or after installation. There will be additional labor fees added if we require additional work done to troubleshoot any issue that may arise during or after installation, utilizing performance diagnostic tools, removal of part failure and/or reinstalling new parts and other necessary parts will be assessed. Revtek Speed Tuning highly recommends purchasing items through our business vendors. Benefit: SAFETY FIRST: Parts purchased from Ebay, Amazon or other places could be faulty (utilizing old stock, used, or poor quality). We have been in business over 20 years and have seen many faulty parts which end up more costly and dangerous when operating on the road. Warranty: Most items purchased from our shop will come with a limited warranty. No additional cost to you. Discounts: We have established a long term business relationship with our vendors. By supporting our local distributors, we are able to pass on the discounted rate to our customers. (Parts, shipping cost, warranty, labor) Overall, we care about your safety, our reputation, and our responsibility to our Local community. Contact us for details
  • Perform Hawaii Motorcycle Safety Inspection?
    No. Revtek Speed Tuning is unable to perform Hawaii safety inspection. We highly recommend contacting Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) to obtain an 'active' motorcycle safety inspection shop. Revtek Speed Tuning can offer restoring your bike to normal safety rules permitted in the state of Hawaii. Also, we carry all the stock parts and accessories and are able to install it for you.
  • Request Email or Instant Message Quotes?
    Revtek 'might' respond with a basic quote or most likely request you to make an appointment. Yes, time is valuable for you but there are a few reasons why we prefer you making an appointment and bringing your motorcycle to obtain a quote: Modified Motorcycles: Each motorcycle is different and the way how you have maintained and ride your motorcycle (daily commuters, racers, cruisers, or hardly ride) will require specific servicing needs. Here a few case-by-case, which we have seen over the years: Riders may have overlooked general maintenance requirements Botched work: Going to mechanics which may have less experience 'might' overlook areas which has not been addressed or serviced improperly Modified (aftermarket parts) installed by yourself, friends or non-certified mechanic will require thorough inspection to determine if it was properly repaired. Improper tools and failure to have certified diagnostic testing to identify the issues and has been worked on and secured with low quality parts (usually purchased on eBay or Amazon) Tire repair- sometime they have special adds that was installed which requires more cleaning for our technician Brand/Make/Model and Year: Factors into the estimation as well due to unique parts or tools required to perform diagnostic testing. Stock Motorcycles: Depending on who has serviced your motorcycle and how frequent you have serviced your motorcycle. Overall, we will try our best to answer your question online. However, it is highly recommended you make an appointment and visit our shop. We're efficient and thorough with what we do. If you have invested a lot of money and time into servicing your motorcycle.. AND...are still having issues.. why not just go direct to Revtek Speed Tuning and let us take care of your motorcycle the "right way, the first time". We rather see our customer cruise the island and enjoy their ride, versus having ongoing repairs and issues. We're here to educate and will provide an honest quote on what you 'currently' need and also, what will be needed next. Just like a doctor, you follow the advice or not.. This is what we do best is to "FIX it, and have you enjoy the Ride!" Go to FAQ: Hourly Rate Go to About Us: Learn why we are the best at what we do and safety
  • Do you provide insurance quote for motorcycle accidents?
    Yes. The Process: 1. Make an appointment 2. Provide us with insurance information (Insurer name, Insurance co, claim #) 3. Drop off your motorcycle (let us know if you need a tow to the shop) 4. Sign consent forms
  • Do you provide towing service?
    Yes. Rates will be given base on distance and time of day. Call us for a quote.
  • Do you offer temporary motorcycle storage?
    Yes. If you are traveling out of town for a short period of time, we offer temporary storage. (RATE will be given upon request - season and how long you need to storage your motorcycle). We have a limited amount of space so it is best to contact us.
  • Is there a daily storage fee?
    Typically, we do NOT charge storage fee for any motorcycle that are currently being service.** However, there are scenarios which will be the exceptions: **Daily storage fees are imposed only to: FAILURE to pick up: Revtek staff has contacted customer that motorcycle is "ready for pick up" but customer has failed to pick up same day or after 24hrs (next business day). Due to limited space, we will assess a daily storage fee after the next business day (once we have contacted customer). 2. IF customer has decided to order their own parts and parts are pending (while the motorcycle is in Revtek Speed Tuning Shop). Sample Scenario: PENDING PARTS: Revtek technician is working on the motorcycle and finds that a part is required. Customer wants to purchase themselves and will bring the part to the shop. IF Revtek has to wait for customer to bring in the part, a daily storage fee will be applied. Revtek will recommend picking up the motorcycle (it maybe inoperable depending on what was done) to avoid fees OR have Revtek purchase the part directly from our suppliers. Revtek highly recommends purchasing parts through our vendor as most of the parts are warrantied and Revtek will not assess additional labor time if the parts are faulty. We have parts that is available to expedite and continue repairing your motorcycle versus putting it on hold.
  • Loyalty Programs Available?
    Yes. Revtek provides special discounts (up to 20% on parts/service) to our loyal customers. We do not have a reward card however, we do have a tracking system to verify how long you have been shopping at our store. Revtek Loyalty Program requirements (customer must complete 3 of the following) : Purchase over $3,000+ (repairs, general maintenance, parts). Purchase service or product item every year continuously for 2 years. Service motorcycle a minimum of 5 times. Refer a minimum of 3 or more new customrs. (New customer must mention your name upon their first purchase). if you do not qualify yet, we still have our cool promotions offered from time to time. Sign up for our Revtek Deal Alerts
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