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350ml Magic Bullet Fuel additive treatment. 


Restores performance for all gasoline engines.

  • Improves horsepower & torque
  • Increases throttle response
  • Restores lost performance
  • Lowers engine temperature – smoother running
  • Safe to use – extends engine life
  • Increases fuel efficiency by 6-8%


This is the famous Magic Bullet fuel treatment. When added to gasoline Magic Bullet dramatically restores lost power whilst cleaning and protecting your engine. This unique world wide protected fuel treatment technology restores clean engine performance, like driving your vehicle out of the showroom every time you start the engine.


Eco Friendly 


Help us to help you reduce our emissions to secure our planets future.

Everyone knows the world needs to change ad with this in mind we at Global Oils N have developed our range of Eco-Friendly products. Magic Bullet Fuel Treatment is 90% hydrocarbon based, non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable and chemical free.


Powerful decoking agents remove carbon deposits which build up over time, ensuring injectors and fuel lines are cleaned to nearly showroom standard. It is this cleaning action that allows the engine to extract up to 15% more power from the fuel therefore making it more economical.

Fuel Additive Treatment - Magic Bullet 350ml